Sell To Us

Choosing CN International for selling your waste materials is always a smart decision. We prioritize our customers' satisfaction by completing the selling process promptly while ensuring their best interests are taken care of. Our global network and holistic approach make us a leading name in the industry.

Why us

CN International trades in all types of textile waste like used clothing, raw wool and other types of scrap. The finest points of our exceptional customer service are the best price and timely payment.

Our Global Footprints

Finest qualities of our selling services are


Worldwide presence

We are an internationally-renowned name with strong presence in major regions including USA, Europe, South America and others. CN International is also moving forward with aggressive policies to cover more regions.



CN International is a trustworthy trader as well as comprehends better understanding & full expertise regarding waste materials and other types of scrap materials. In addition, our experienced and sincere sales representatives are just one call away.



During the journey of 13 years, we have reportedly served over 100 companies and are confidently moving forward to assist more and more companies across the world. Every bit of our experience inclines towards your financial gains & satisfaction.


Provide best value

We always provide the best value for your products. Our quality control experts carefully examine waste to come up with reasonable rates. We maintain the finest pricing slab in the category.