CN International is a trader of used clothing, raw wool, and other types of waste materials, led by Mr. Nitin Singla. With 13 years of experience, the organization has assisted businesses worldwide while maintaining high-quality standards and customer satisfaction. The company's quality control experts meticulously examine products based on international standards to ensure that they meet customers' expectations. CN International is a leading trader of used clothing, raw wool, and waste materials.

Why we are the best:


13 years of experience and consistently aiming to meet customer expectations through high-quality standards.


CN International's quality control experts examine products based on international standards to ensure that they are free of flaws.


CN International is continuously expanding its coverage with aggressive strategies while following international guidelines.


The company is a responsible and trustworthy organization that aims to serve esteemed customers with the best quality materials.

Our Global Footprints



CN International has made us truly global. Nitin and his expert team buys rags and cut-wipers from us and he is able to get them recycles and reused in so many African and Asian countries

Mr Taylor, Dallas, Texas, US

Nitin has found some amazing sources across US and Europe to get us great products that helps us serve so many people in India, truly serving people with limited resources with great products

Mr Jain, Panipat, India

CN International is a sustainability champion for me. The kind of uses they talk about for some of what we consider as waste is just incredible. They are extremely efficient and trustworthy too.

Mr Cormier, New York, US

I have found Nitin great to work with. He gets us the best rates and the fastest shipping.

Mr Khan, Kandla, Gujarat, India