Our Products

Institutional/Mixed Rags & Original Collection(Untouched)

  • Institutional and Mixed Rags

    CN International proves the best most dependable platform to purchase best quality institutional and mixed rags in a comfy way. We maintain zero-tolerance policy towards customers’ conveniences and satisfaction. Accordingly, we only trade in genuine rags.

Raw Materials For Recycling Industry

  • Raw Materials For Recycling Industry

    For various industries in India, CN International deals with both organic and synthetic raw materials. While suppliers grade natural raw materials according to a variety of criteria, imported synthetic raw materials are often B- and sub-standard fibres that are less expensive and are easily blended with virgin grade materials.

    Mixed Sweaters/ Hosiery from Europe and USA for Recycling and More Items

    1. A. Mixed Sweaters Cut and Uncut
    2. B. Wool Sweaters Cut and Uncut
    3. C. Denim Jeans Cut and Uncut
    4. D. Cotton Rags Cut and Uncut

White Bedsheets and Other items

  • White Bedsheets

    Fine quality waste of white bedsheets is easy to purchase with us at competitive pricing. Our collection comprises all sizes to effectively meet your requirements at competitive pricing. We follow standard retailing policies while serving customers so you can remain assured of experiencing comfortable trading.

    1. A. White Hotel bedsheet
    2. B. White Hospital Bedsheet
    3. C. Color Bedsheets
    4. D. Industrial White
    5. E. White Pillow Cases

Wool Thread Waste

  • Wool Thread

    We deal in Wool thread waste of every kind from Europe and the USA. Contact us if you need to get high-quality wool thread waste for your company's needs.

Trading of Stock Lots

  • Trading of Stock Lots

    It is one of the finest qualities of our trading policy. Thus, you can confidently reach us to purchase stock lots to meet the needs in a convenient & satisfactory manner. We maintain a wide range of best quality stock lots so you must find desired products with us.

Wipers for Cleaning Industry

  • Wipers for Cleaning Industry

    For wiping off excess paint, oil, and other chemicals, the company can sell cut wipers made from new or used materials to the US oil and paint sector. These wipers can be made from non-wovens, towels, cheese cloth, flannel, and knitted fabrics composed entirely of cotton. Also, they can sell wipers for the cleaning business made of fresh or recycled materials. These wipers can be sold in bales or boxes and can be cut to a variety of sizes depending on the buyer's needs.

Other Products

  • Acrylic Waste

    Scrap acrylic products can be used to create some beautiful items like LED lights, new sheets, support shelf, garden greenhouse and more.

    Tow Waste, Yarn waste, Sliver Waste, Crimp Waste, Soft waste etc

  • Viscose soft tow 1.2 Denier

    This waste material can be easily recycled by shredding. Recycled pieces can be used to manufacture durable carpets.

  • Nylon Waste

    With effective use of specific scientific methods, nylon waste can be converted into very useful items like carry bags, waste disposal bags, laundry bags, etc.

    Nylon Tow Waste, Nylon Fiber Waste and Nylon Tire Cord Yarn Waste

  • Viscose Waste

    It is a highly recommended waste because it comprises sheen, strength and available at economical rates.

    Viscose Yarn Waste and Viscose Fiber Waste

  • Nylon tow trilobal bright or dull denier 1.8 to 2

    It is made up of multiple "trilobal" shaped fibers and proves relatively thin thread in comparison with other threads of category. Recycling of this waste material is necessary. This waste can be used to create carpets, rugs, fishing lines, sewing thread, etc.

  • Polyester Waste

    Polyester textile waste is a harmless waste. Therefore, it can be reused in a number of ways. Polyester waste can be recycled for multiple objects including lamps, tubes, bottles, garments, etc. Reference.

    Polyester Tow Waste and Polyester Tire Cord Yarn Waste/Scrap

Textile Fabrics

  • Textile Fabrics

    CN International imports and exports a range of fabrics into India in order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality textiles. They facilitate the export of basic fabrics with value additions like printing and embroidery while also engaging with stock lot fabrics from the west and medium/high-end products from Asian countries.

New Garments

  • New Garments

    In pursuit of meeting the nation's expanding need for high-quality textiles, CN International imports and exports a wide variety of fabrics. This company has a considerable impact on the Indian textile sector. We offer stock lot fabrics from the west, basic fabrics with value additions, and medium- and high-end items from Asia.

Other Used Articles

  • Other Used Articles

    We not only exports used shoes but also other second-hand goods generated regularly by charities, like bags, toys, and belts. These items are initially separated and can then be classified according to type, size, and use. Depending on the needs of the buyer, they can be sold separately or mixed with clothing and footwear.