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CN International is considered as best in category broker of used clothing. We buy from Europe, US, South America and sell or cross trade worldwide. We take best care for customers with standardized business policies. Our sales representatives immediately get ready to serve you for all major domestic/international locations.

  • Standardized policies
  • Consider best measures for quality control
  • Satisfactory results
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Mixed Rags from Charities in US & Europe

Charities in the USA and Europe provide mixed rags comprising untouched clothing donations, bulk store returns, paired and single shoes, and used linens, providing a sustainable option for fashion and home goods.

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Purchase from Graders Product to recycle in India

We purchase used clothing, shoes, and other textile products that are graded according to quality. The goal is to recycle them to create new goods, hence decreasing waste and fostering sustainability in India.

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Sell cut wipers for US oil & paint industry

We sell cut wipers made from new or used materials to the US oil and paint sector for wiping off excess paint, oil, and other chemicals.

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Sell cashmere to recycle in Italy

We sell cashmere to Italy for recycling. Cashmere is a high-end textile fabric, and recycling it can help the fashion industry become more sustainable and less wasteful.

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Why Choose Us?

CN International is working in the industry for last 13 years. During this journey, we have successfully served over 100 companies. We always take great pride in trading for all types of clothing and textile waste including Color Sweatshirts, Corduroy Rags, Terry Cloth Rags, Flannel Rags, Denim Rags, and others. We are a globally-renowned company and meticulously consider economic feasibility to serve customers with reliable products. Top points of our businesses standards are:

  • Transparency
  • Viable Pricing
  • Timely Delivery
  • Sincere and Dedicated Workforce

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CN International offers professional assistance with standardized services when it comes to attend or organize an event, workshop or exhibition at USA

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Our Product Portfolio

CN International deals in all types of used clothing. Besides, we sell & purchase textile waste and metal scrap.
All our products adhere to international quality standards.

Acrylic Waste

Scrap acrylic products can be used to create some beautiful items like LED lights, new sheets, support shelf, garden greenhouse and more.

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Viscose soft tow

This waste material can be easily recycled by shredding. Recycled pieces can be used to manufacture durable carpets.

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Nylon Waste

With effective use of specific scientific methods, nylon waste can be converted into very useful items like carry bags, waste disposal bags, laundry bags, etc.

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Viscose Waste

It is a highly recommended waste because it comprises sheen, strength and available at economical rates.

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Nylon tow trilobal bright or dull

It is made up of multiple "trilobal" shaped fibers and proves relatively thin thread in comparison with other threads of category.

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Polyester Waste

Polyester textile waste is a harmless waste. Therefore, it can be reused in a number of ways. Polyester waste can be recycled for multiple objects including lamps, tubes, bottles, garments, etc. Reference.

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CN International has made us truly global. Nitin and his expert team buys rags and cut-wipers from us and he is able to get them recycles and reused in so many African and Asian countries

Mr Taylor, Dallas, Texas, US

Nitin has found some amazing sources across US and Europe to get us great products that helps us serve so many people in India, truly serving people with limited resources with great products

Mr Jain, Panipat, India

CN International is a sustainability champion for me. The kind of uses they talk about for some of what we consider as waste is just incredible. They are extremely efficient and trustworthy too.

Mr Cormier, New York, US

I have found Nitin great to work with. He gets us the best rates and the fastest shipping.

Mr Khan, Kandla, Gujarat, India